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Timothy Ringgold, MT-BC is a dynamic speaker, author, performance coach, music therapist, and expert on overcoming adversity and change powerfully.  Through experiencing tremendous adversity from the murder of his 5 best friends at 22, the death of his own 17 month-old daughter at 38, and a  20-year journey through addiction and recovery, Timothy has distilled what are the defining elements that make a person not only survive but thrive in any situation dealt to them.

Timothy is also the self-appointed ‘Ambassador of Music Therapy.’ He speaks publicly and leads seminars and workshops on the power of music as a therapeutic change agent, as well as practices music therapy in rehabilitation and medical settings.  He also teaches the music therapy industry how to apply proven success strategies and principles from other industries, and by doing so empowers and inspires music therapists worldwide.

Timothy is also the newest member of an elite team of healthcare professionals that specialize in converting incurable childhood diseases into curable ones.  Find out more about his work in that arena at http://www.puckfund.org.

To book Timothy to speak for your next event, or to inquire about coaching with Timothy, contact his office:

Sonic Divinity MTS

8215 E. White Oak Ridge #102

Orange, CA 92869

(714) 616-0388



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